Allen Jones of Verridale QLD, inquired about placing Knockout RustĀ® on the springs of his boat trailer, as it needs to be submerged when launching his boat. My answer was the rule of thumb is, although KO-66 has a wax seal, you never place a lubricant type product on leaf springs, as it can attract dust & grit. Allen contacted me some months later advising he had ignored my advice, saying he had coated the springs, axels and weld-joints with KO-66, now when he takes the trailer from the salt water, the water beads off immediately and the wax skin has set, collecting no dust.

Graeme Ferguson
Nambour QLD


Terry Nicholas of Terry's Rust Panel & Paint Palmerston NT explains...
Because of rotted vegetation over the millennium in the swamps of the Northern Territory, these swamps now contain a degree of sulphuric-acid. This acid plays hell with local vehicles used for fishing & sport, especially 4x4s that are used and abused in this part of the world. On receiving the initial shipment of KO-66 rustproofing from you I carried out some tests of my own on the product. They consisted of applying KO-66 on different pieces of steel and then for 24 hours I placed - One in sulphuric acid, One in Water seven times saltier than the sea; and another in a potent vinegar mixture. To date 27/9/04 I have never known a product to stand up to these tests as has KO-66. while the salty water and vinegar tests has the metal around the mixture in a very rusty condition, the exposed metal from the sulphuric acid test is now almost eaten away, except where the KO-66 is spread. Here the metal and product are in their original condition.

T Nicholas
Palmerston, Northern Territory


Because we live at the beach near Sarina in North Queensland, the salt air in the off sea winds is a real headache. We have found this tar based product to be a real saviour in preventing rust in our vehicles. After coating under the mudguards of one car we drove on a dusty road before allowing the required drying time. This proved to be a good mistake as the wet tar picked up the dust. We then sprayed on another coating giving the car a great sound proofing as well as the desired rust proofing.

C J Lamb
Sarina, North Queensland


Recently I visited my parents' dairy property on the coast near Warranambool in Victoria. Using KO-66 on some of my father's farm machinery, the family were delighted with the results and are now using it on just about everything on the farm that has exposed metal

I Fleming
Singleton, New South Wales