KNOCKOUT RUST PROOFING  | KO-66 The Penetrating Rust Hunter

KO-66 is a unique rust proofing formula designed to prevent rust and to penetrate minor outbreaks of rust that have already occurred.

KO-66's rust proofing formula consists of several different penetrating and lubricating ingredients including LANOLIN and FISH OIL. KO-66 has a bituminous base, giving it that renowned sticking ability. It has a wax component which seals off the treated area, leaving the inner ingredients to stay moist and active to continue their penetrating and rust preventing work. Knock-out rust® proofing is a heavy duty product ideal for boat trailers & marine gear exposed to the harsh elements, car doors, sills, pillars, under mudguards, sub-frames, and all those hard to get at places that rust may occur. KO-66 is also suitable as an open gear lube & wire rope protection. As an example of its use, KO-66 is able to seek out a hairline fault in your cars paint, going to work in those areas of your car that are sweated together. These areas have a tendency to move and open up as a car begins to work, cracking the paint and leaving the area unprotected to the predator rust.

KO-66 is ideal for:


  • Motor Vehicles

  • Inside lower doors

  • Pillars & Sills

  • Chassis

  • Under Guards

  • australian-flag-mapCaravan Sub-Frames

  • Boat Trailers

  • Marine

  • Wire rope

  • Farm Implements

  • Mining & Construction equipment

  • Open Gear Lube


 KO-66 Rust Proofing may be sprayed, brushed or dipped.

Available in a 350g spray can, and 5 and 20 litre containers.

For wholesale orders please email NOTE: This product is not a rust converter. The formula is specifically designed to PREVENT and INHIBIT the spread of oxidisation.