KO-66 : The Penetrating RUST HUNTER

KNOCKOUT RUST ® was developed by Graeme Ferguson for prevention & control of oxidisation, as well as stop the spread of minor outbreaks of rust that have already occurred. Rust is an age old problem that has caused the downfall of projects great & small, along with much financial heartache ever since man began using ferric metals for tools, buildings chariots etc initially designed for use in motor vehicles, but more recently has proven ideal for the protection of a vast array of equipment where corrosion is a problem, especially boat trailers that are frequently submerged in salt water, also in buildings where the steel support column’s are concreted into the footings and there is moisture creep-up, Knockout-Rust puts a stop on corrosion.

Graeme Ferguson purchased a four year old used EL Falcon from a Brisbane motor auction centre, but to his disgust found the lower panels to be rusted, they were full of bog and doctored-up, then match painted to camouflage the panel repair work.

Having spent six plus years in the Royal Australian Navy & another eleven years of marine construction, on projects such as Sydney Opera House, Melbourne’s Westgate Bridge, Bass Strait Oil and numerous other off shore marine projects, Graeme Ferguson eventually formed a crane hire business in central Queensland, where he worked with the coal mining industry. During much of his working life in various industries and having observed the many different methods and attempts at preventing and halting rust, Graeme decided to put together a long held idea on a formula for rust control, basically the mixture was to be TAR, LANOLIN and FISH OIL, after many trials to blend these components, a medium was found that would hold them permanently together, from there Graeme Ferguson added three more aggressive penetrating components, resulting in the astonishing product KNOCKOUT RUST.

Knockout Rust is black like its parent body “Tar” the main difference is this product will never set hard and crack like tar (you can always make a finger nail mark in it), on the other hand the skin that forms may be spay painted over ( for chassis or boat trailer uniformity), painting over Knockout Rust by brush should NOT be attempted, as the thinners in the paint together with the brushing action may upset the stability of Knockout Rust. This product is not recommended for external motor vehicle panels as some craze can be expected when temperature changes will cause expansion & contraction of the product.

More recently Knockout Rust has proven a god send for protection of boat trailers that are frequently submerged in salt water where weld joints etc break down with corrosion after continuous use.

BREAKTHOUGH – Builders are also finding Knockout Rust to be an ideal, not only as a rust controller, but also as a preventative for rising dampness, in foundations where steel protrudes from the concrete, in the footings of buildings

Knockout Rust is not an electronic treatment, but will contain electrolysis and oxidisation in the areas treated with Knockout Rust, electrolysis is most aggressive in locations where metals of slightly different configuration or quality are used side by side, often these metals are sweated together, the ensuing build up of electrolysis is often not noticeable until it has created a rust situation, usually in lower parts of vehicle doors and sills.

Electronic treatment for the prevention of electrolysis build up (using positively treated anodes) is being promoted by some as a great breakthrough. From my observations this treatment may be a suitable treatment away from coastal humidity and salt water related activities.

The control of rust & corrosion is most difficult for people owning 4x4s living near the beach, more so for those involved in recreational or professional fishing, by applying Knockout Rust to the problem areas, the penetrating qualities of Knockout Rust will find its way between the sweated metals, preventing electrolysis from starting or continuing its silent attack
In cases where electrolysis is already in progress, Knockout Rust is designed to Halt any further deterioration.
4×4 vehicles used for hire on Frazer Island are treated with Knockout Rust, the hire company say they have tried all the other products & devises available & have advised Knockout Rust to be the best option, to preserve their vehicles, as they are driven without too much care along the beaches & through the salt water on Fraser Island, we appreciate their recommendation.
Knockout Rust is available in a 350g aerosol cans, or bulk in 5 or 20 Litre containers, Knockout Rust may be used as a prevention for rust or may be applied to rust that has already started its dirty work, it is particularly noticeable when applied to a surface where rust is present, Knockout Rust penetrates strait through rust right to the core, once applied to a rusty surface Knockout Rust is most difficult to remove, because of this reaction we have adopted the slogan (THE PENETRATING RUST HUNTER)
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