Frequently asked Questions about Knockout Rust

The first question that should be explained is Knockout Rust is a TAR based product & is as BLACK as, some respect should be given to the possibility of overspray, Knockout Rust can be removed from clothing & fabrics reasonably well with petrol.

How do I apply Knockout Rust

Knockout rust may be sprayed, brushed or dipped, when spraying out of the aerosol can, the can should be held approximately 150 to 200 mil away from the work surface, as the product (unlike aerosol spay paint) mixes with propellant gas and will form bubbles if sprayed too close, when spraying keep on the move to avoid runs.
To brush on, is as for paint, but you do not need to be as careful.
For the more professional approach, Knockout Rust may be sprayed through an air or electric spray gun, the product is about the consistency of 140 gear oil, in cold weather you may need to warm the KO by placing the drum in hot water, or by leaving it in the sun before starting, do not attempt to thin the product as this will prevent it from setting and forming a skin, (make sure you clean the equipment) with white spirit or simular after use.

Do I need to prepare the intended area before applying

The surface area will take very little preparation, it is better to remove any flaking loose rust, as it is a waste of the product to make it penetrate all the way through loose rust, we use the slogan (THE PENETRATING RUST HUNTER) for very good reason, Knockout Rust will go strait to the core of existing oxidisation, starving the metal of oxygen and sealing the area from any further spread of rust.

How long will Knockout Rust Last

When using Knockout Rust for the original intended uses, inside car doors, sills, and partly enclosed areas of a motor vehicle and the likes, Knockout Rust would be expected to last the life of the vehicle, because of the tar content twenty years would not be out of order, when used on more exposed areas such as boat trailers and under mudguards where a lot of wear and tear occurs, obviously the life of the product will be shorter, depending on severity of abrasions.

Can I apply Knockout Rust over existing rust

Yes Knockout Rust can be applied over a rusty surface. For a better result, clean off loose rust and apply strait over the rusted area, if some old paint is left in the intended

work area (don’t matter),KO can be sprayed straight over. Knockout Rust has five different penetrating components, allowing the product to penetrate strait through to the core of the rust and because of the TAR content, the rust is completely sealed off, holding the product in position for many years to come.

Can I Paint over the top of Knockout Rust

Yes with some caution, Knockout Rust may be spray painted over after it has set a seal, Knockout Rust should (NOT be painted over by brush as the brushing action together with the thinners in the paint) could upset the structure of the product, when using Knockout Rust on the exposed areas of a boat trailer or chassis, it is advisable to spray paint over the product, because the paint as well as colouring will give a tougher skin, it helps protect against abrasions, paint also helps contains the product in extremely hot weather when the treated surface can become sticky in temperatures above the mid thirties, Knockout Rust should not be used in such locations as the exterior panels on a motor vehicle, as contamination with fabrics can occur.

Can Knockout Rust be applied to a wet rust surface.

Tests to date have revealed that it does not make any difference weather the surface is wet or dry, this is most likely due to the penetrating bodies contained in Knockout Rust, as they are capable of dispersing water & moisture, especially when sprayed on.