Knockout Rust® Proofing KO-66 may be sprayed, brushed or dipped. When spraying direct from the can, it is recommended to use the straw provided for a cleaner job and less over-spray, because the propellant gas mixes with the product in the spray can, KO-66 may bubble if sprayed too close to work surface, these bubbles quickly dissipate allowing a second & thicker coat if required. Electrolysis is a problem when metals containing different materials in their manufacture are brought together, because of the presence of electrical currents, corrosion sets in between these opposing metals. KO-66 with its penetrating qualities is designed to form a barrier between these opposing forces in the treated area.



KO-66 has several different penetrators incorporated into its formula that give it its unique qualities. When a motor vehicle is manufactured, the metal is joined together by overlapping then sweated or spot welded methods. These components are then painted over. When the vehicle begins to work the joins and seams tend to move and open up. In turn this movement cracks the paint, allowing moisture and oxygen to enter the unprotected areas. These are the places rust is most likely to begin.

KO-66 with its penetrating qualities goes to work in these odd and hard to get at places, halting the spread of rust and sealing off the effected area. The most suspect areas tend to be inside car doors in the lower sections, pillars and door sills, sub-frames, under mudguards and all those hard to get at places that rust seems to hide and thrive.


KO-66 may be spray painted after a good skin has formed. This skin can take anywhere from four to twenty-four hours to form, depending on the atmospheric temperature at the time of application.

Brush painting should not be attempted as the brushing action together with thinners in the paint may have reactions with the contents of KO-66 causing a break-down of the product. It must be remembered that KO-66 is not a product that will set hard, therefore painting is not always the recommended choice.


KO-66 has proven to be an ideal protector for boat trailers that are frequently submerged in salt water.


KO-66 is an ideal formula for protection of caravan sub frames, in this location we recommend a light coating of spray paint over KO-66 to deter any dust collection (see instructions above).